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Quizas, Quizas, Quizas

This is a still image from a film, and that's me in the window. But the story behind it is more interesting.

In 2006 Drew Jacoby came to audition for Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, my company at the time. I was shocked by her power and confidence in class. She was everything I was, but way more, better, and younger. I felt that if she joined the company, I would lose my "tall woman" roles and not be cast for anything henceforth.

With my dance career finished (in my head), I needed some non-dance skills, and quick. That same day after rehearsal I went home, sat down at my computer, and started working with some video footage---for seven hours straight. This work would eventually become "Quizas", the first of my films to screen at festivals. It was also one of two pieces submitted to the National Choreographic Competition that earned me my first choreographic commission---at Hubbard Street 2. And it introduced me to Taryn Kaschock Russell, then director of HS2, who nominated me for the Artistic Challenge, for which this post was originally written.

I will add that, while Drew did not join Les Grands, I had the privilege of dancing with her on several occasions after I moved to New York; and I did not melt, shatter or otherwise fall apart. Also, when I posted this on Facebook, Drew responded with a link to a very interesting interview detailing the sharp change of direction her own career had taken on the same day.

I like this story because it suggests that, while fear of scarcity is a powerful motivator, there may be enough space for everybody. Perhaps.

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