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Zero Gravity Blooms

A ballet inspired by an astronaut growing flowers in space

In 2015 Astronaut Scott Kelley spent a year aboard the International Space Station.   Longing for Earth and the natural world, he asked NASA’s permission to grow zinnias aboard the spaceship.  Alone in the US section with only the fragile flowers for company, he surmounted the challenges of gardening in a zero gravity environment (floating soil, beading water, etc).

Renowned harpist Mary Lattimore wrote a piece dedicated to Kelley, and I used this music to incubate a short work (6 minutes) with Nashville Ballet's second company in 2023. 

I worked with the idea of tending to fragile living entities in a hostile environment dominated by technology.  I was asked to use a large group (16), but would like to expand it into a longer piece for a more compact cast. 

SK gardening_edited.jpg
Scott Kelley 2_edited.jpg



Ethereal but precise, progressing through stages of growth.  Using pointe work and contrasting regimented formations with spirals that resemble the unfurling of petals. Partnering explores themes of floating, supporting, nourishing, plant growth, and blossoming.   

Possible tracks from harpist Mary Lattimore (who sometimes performs live for dance)


Drapey and organic but showing the lines of the body.  Orange, green, blue, and black., with subtle botanical detailing. 

Alien Flower, Nicolò Marchi.jpeg
Ombre Silk Twill Pant.jpeg
Loose Sleeveless Split-Joint Solid Color Round-Neck Mini Dresses.jpeg
Christopher Kane.jpeg
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