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Stainless Staining

A virtuosic contemporary work en pointe, driven by composer Donnacha Dennehy's propulsive "Stainless Staining" .  A relentless, electrifying wash of sound and energy forms the foundation for an exploration of kinetic contrasts.


Intricate, layered, patterned, intense. Exploring speed and its interplay with slowness and stillness. Here I am asking: how can I provide a varied visual counterpoint to a score that is a perpetual motion machine?  Attack is something I've been working on in my choreography.  By committing to a musical score this uncompromising, I know that I can add new colors to my choreographic palette.


Stainless Staining (15' / piano and electronics) by Donnacha Dennehy, whose music has been called “arrestingly beautiful” by The New Yorker.

Can be combined with another short Dennehy work to add up to 20 min or more. 

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Costumes are sleek and feature textured and/or layered designs that create illusions of luminous depths within each dancer's form.

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