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A colorful, dynamic contemporary ballet inspired by the complex  infrastructure just under the surface of an American city’s neatly ordered street grid.

Subsurface Spaghetti


Flow, intricacy, and congestion can be made visible through choreography that focuses on the transmission, disruption, and redirection of gravitational forces through individual bodies -- as well as through multiple connected, tangled bodies resembling the “spaghetti” that affects lives aboveground.

Over time, layered, haphazard urban development leads to “subsurface spaghetti”, a tangled, overlapping network of pipes and cables.

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Embodying the hidden circulatory system of urban life  through: 

  • Flow and Congestion

  • Intricacy and Entanglement:

  • Grid and Chaos

  • Momentum Transfer

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Dense, textured, rhythmic works by jazz piano wizard Brad Mehldau. 

Bodies in Urban Spaces.jpeg


Sleek , vivid and multicolored. Playing with combining a drab gray or black with multiple hues, representing multiple layers of experience.

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